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Documentary film has the ability to inspire, challenge, educate and mobilize audiences. At Policy in Focus, we connect a deep understanding of Washington, DC with filmmakers and their teams to maximize a film’s impact through direct engagement with policymakers, advocates, journalists and academics. Using a variety of tools -- consultation, creating and managing working groups, in-person meetings, screenings and discussions -- Policy in Focus leverages the wealth of resources in Washington, DC to amplify existing impact strategies and redefine what is possible.

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Our Mission & vision

Policy in Focus brings specific value to filmmakers and their teams by creating and amplifying Impact Campaigns.  Our process begins with a deep dive into your project. We view your film, meet with your team and get a sense of your existing strategies and broader ambition. If our services align with your goals, we hit the ground running, moving from ideation and consultation to strategic mapping and implementation. We set meetings on the Hill, manage screenings with key stakeholders, reach out to journalists, and work in partnership with your impact, outreach, publicity, and distribution teams.


how we work

Policy in Focus brings two specific areas of expertise to the table. As a project of long-standing Public Affairs firm Bracy Tucker Brown & Valanzano, Policy in Focus has a deep knowledge of how to navigate Washington, including targeted and engaging with relevant policymakers, building partnerships with allied organizations (including agencies, advocacy groups and educational institutions) and developing and executing a wide range of events to activate audiences and raise awareness of a film. Read more about our process and how Policy in Focus can help you bring your project's mission to light. 

Policy in Focus completely understood the potential of the film, listened to our goals and helped us target specific Members of Congress, while giving excellent advice on how to strategically collaborate with DC-based advocacy organizations to further our goals.
— Johanna Hamilton: Director, 1971
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Who We are

Policy in Focus is a special project of the advocacy firm Bracy Tucker Brown & Valanzano. We offer decades of expertise working on Capitol Hill and connecting clients with stakeholders to influence change. 


work with us

Do you have a film with a mission? If you are an individual filmmaker, independent organization, or advocacy group with a project you want to power, we want to talk with you. 

I’ve enjoyed watching Policy in focus engage directly and successfully with filmmakers to explore how a documentary can effectively connect with policymakers in Washington. Their combination of a deep knowledge of Washington and appreciation for the artistry of documentary film ensures that filmmakers are brought into the policy world with intention and purpose.
— Jody Arlington Public Relations, Silverdocs/AFIDocs 2005-2013